May 26

😻 (at Ichi Umi)

The first of many commuting selfies, I’m sure. Going into the city for a grad lunch. Don’t my glasses look enormous in this pic?!

May 24

What is the lowest row you can read? Maybe I wouldn’t be so blind if I had to identify cute animals instead of letters! (at MoMA Design Store)

May 23

Boo and his dinosaur friend!

Finished packing all of my stuff and put it in the van. Bye, Water Street! I’m going to miss your awesome gym. Lol jk Don’t even know what floor it’s on (at 200 Water St.)

Some of us! I’m sure the giant group picture will surface soon. Photo by Roman! (at Yankee Stadium)

May 22

My bro snapped me during my snail race the other day! (at Regal Battery Park Stadium 11)

Post-grad dinner joy ride down 8th Ave! @kimzafra and @spanishforeagle are behind t face.

Eating the Gallatin noodle they have her! (at Yankee Stadium)

Stadium selfie! Such shitty reception in the stadium ): (at Yankee Stadium)